Strategy Playbook

As the market changes, I will use one follow strategies to keep my account growing.

Strategy Conditions Duration Strategy Adjustment Risk Areas Probability Factors Technical Factors Strategy Tool
Black Butterfly (BB) Express Expiration Front Week Layer on a CALL or a PUT Black butterfly if more than 4 day remaining. Adding Risk with second butterfly
Price can move outside a 68% expected move
50% weekly on and off GTFO 25%
Black Box Spread (BBS) Directional Move Price within the expected moved and well centered GFTO Time 50% Cross price analysis GTFO 60%
Black Time spread (BTS) High Volatility 30 days Add another BTS Time 60% Down trend blow out GTFO 20%
Black Wing Butterfly (BWB) Any Market conditions 40 to 60 DTE Delta and Theta Time 80% slow grind up or down and fast up move GTFO 10%
Black Swan Hedge (BSH) Vix hedge 120 to 140 DTE GFTO Time 55% Low Vol hedge swap GTFO 60%
Black Bear Butterfly (BBB) slightly bearish conditions 56 DTE Add another BBS Time 65% slow grind up or down GTFO 30%
Black Beak Spread (BBS) Express Expiration Front Week GTFO Time 75% weekly on and off GFTO 50%
Synthetics Broken Wing Butterfly (SBWB) Slightly bullish conditions 56 to 72 DTE Delta Time 75% two way move GTFO 10%
Black Body Spread A decrease in price movement and contraction in volatility 30 DTE GFTO BE Points 80% Slow down in price range GTFO 50%

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