Long Term Positions

I like to hold companies’ stocks for the long term growth potential, but I am not the person to buy the stock outright. A portfolio of some of the companies I like for a long-term play. I am not focusing on buying stock but stock substitution, a LEAP (Long Term Equity Anticipation Security). That is options that expire in a year or two years from now. For a little as 10K, I am controlling 300 shares of AMD @ 82.19 per share. That is roughly 25K. I am also selling CALLs against the position to reduce the capital outlay, hence lowering the cost from 10,035 to 9,735. Every month, I will sell an OTM (Out of the Money Call) to generate a dividend, it’s like collecting rent while waiting for the price of the equity to move to the upside.


BTO: Buy to Open

STO: Sell to Open

BTC: Buy to Close

STC: Sell to Close

My overall positions as of today.

Date:11/16/2020 – After a crazy move from NIO 100 percent move, I took close my position. I will re-enter at a pullback.  Also, I  adjusted the portfolio to remove the losers.

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